A Subdivision of SIANICO. Wolfpack Team Management explores the latest methods that allow a high performing team not only attain their goals but, most importantly, deliver the highest level of accomplishment and satisfaction to all stakeholders.

You have seen these issues before: "drama", different personalities, different circumstances and the emotional component in the human element of a company or project, talent and potential extraction. We consider all elements that pose a challenge to managing a group of people and align them all towards the same goal. 

Wolfpack Team Management does this from a conscious approach. Pursuing the buy-in from the team members to work together for a shared success while at the same time developing each individual.

Different way of thinking

The more developed a company is, the more focus there is in the human element. There is a lot of discussions to bring everyone on the same page and it not only takes GREAT LEADERS, but every member plays a key role in the team dynamic.

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Below are the key discussions we teach to establish clarity and optimize synergy:


Conflict Mechanics

We explore how Karpman's triangle explains different situations at work and how the three key roles evolve and affect each person and task involved. Most importantly, using of this theory to dissolve conflict.

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Personality Dimensions

We help all team members understand themselves and their peers to ensure maximum synergy past the "Storming" stage and into the "Performing" stage of Team Development

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Stages of Team Development

Initially proposed by the Bruce Tuckman theory as 5 stages, they are defined in modern team constructions as these 4 phases.

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Thinking as a Pack vs Thinking as a Herd

A different perspective in which a clear role definition in all members will prove to be most effective and efficient way for a team to function.

Fast and assertive decision making. Removal of dispersion of responsibility and Focus on Personal Development.